Intellectual Output 1 – National Policies

Intellectual Output 1 consisted of the development or update of National Safe from Harm Policies of all the partner organisations, to set the framework of their work towards a safer environment for all children and adults in their organisations.

Each organisation started from a different point, whilst some had nothing in place or others had already worked beforehand and had some procedures in place but all wanted to develop some more profound regulations, procedures and guidelines to ensure their members were as safe as possible.

Intellectual Output 2 – Training Materials

Intellectual Output 2 consisted of the development of training materials for the adult leaders of the partner organisations.

Those materials will be instrumental in spreading the knowledge about the topic of Safe from Harm, as well as strengthening the capacity of the Adults to create safer spaces in their local groups for the members of the Scout Associations.

Tested in several training sessions, those materials will be constantly evolving to ensure they fit the needs of the association, and the adults and stay relevant.

Intellectual Output 3 – E-Learning Modules

Intellectual Output 3 consisted of the development of some E-Learning modules that complemented the training materials for in-person training developed.

Those modules, mainly directed to an adult audience, were introductory modules, while some others were more advanced and linked with the specific procedures defined by each national policy from the partner organisations.

Within the project, we also collaborated in the development of thematic modules (like safety online) with the global level of the Scout Movement, spreading the work not only through Europe but beyond.