About the project

The Safe from Harm in Scouting project was born necessity offer some National Scout Organisations within European Scout Region to deepen the work of child protection and safeguarding.

This project, co-financed by Erasmus + Programme of European Union, serves not only to strengthen the capacity of the partner organisations but to streamline the concept safe of Harm across the European Scout Region and beyond, also offering expertise, resources and advice other youth organisations willing to work the topic.

Definition of Harm

This term refers to detrimental effect on persons’ physical, emotional or psychological wellbeing and integrity.

What does Safe from Harm means?

Safe from Harm is actions designed to ensure at every person involved in Scouting is responsible and committed protecting children and young people inside or outside the Movement, so everyone can feel safe, at any time.

In the context of Scouting, keeping children and young people safe of harm encompasses as child and youth protection work. It includes full range of strategies, systems and procedures that aim to promote that the well-being, development and safety of children and young people is priority in all Scouting-related activities. With in context of NSO (National Scout Organisation), implements policy requires putting in places systemic approach to prevent and react to situations that affect, their development and safety of children and young people.

Aim of the Project

This project aims to strengthen the Safe from Harm capacity in the partner organisations by helping them to:

– Create or update their National Safe from Harm Policy
– Design and develop Training Materials for Adults in area of Safe from Harm
– Create e-Learning Modules in Area of Safe from Harm to increase penetration of content in organisation.

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